Lipgloss by H&M

When I was standing in the line to pay what I pick in H&M shop I saw this lipglosses. They have 3 diferent colores. First I was thinking should I buy one or not… the colors are cute buy are they good cuz they have so low price. BUt then I said ahhhh what the hack I’ll buy one just to try… it cost only 0.95€  plus if I wount like it I’l l gave it to my sister =p

So I pick lipgloss with name ” Passion pink”, it’s the lightest of all 3.


Is light pink with lil lil glitters in it… looks cool on lips. Smells like vanilla ( at least I think is vanilla jajiajiajaiaaa). It’s not sticky and the texture is smooth. For it’s price its extremly great, I expected less 🙂 I also like the lid of lipgloss… it remindes me on Christina Aguilera parfume 😉

Sooo if u don’t like to spend a lot of money for lipgloss buy this one =p Only bad think about it is range of colors hauhauhauahuaaa  I’ll mybe buy others to & I’ll put pictures here cuz I didn’t saw any yet on internet by this lipglosses.


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