Clocks like “Clocks” by Coldplay xDD

I never really liked clocks… clocks that u need to wear on your hand. They bothered me 🙂 don’t know why hauhuaauh mybe cuz when I was lil they didn’t make so cute ones that they do now. And also cuz I didn’t need them…. school and friends were all 5 minutes from me, soo no worry to come late somewhere xDD Now that I live in bigger city, in capital city I need watch, clocks a lot. I figuerd our that taking celular from my bag everytime I wanna know what’s the time is to complicated… it become obvious that i need hand clock xD And I got one for my b’day.

I decided for brown watch by s.Oliver. I order it by Otto and cost me 60.95€

I have it for 5 months and works good. Its not soo dark that looks on this photo.


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