My scarfs

And it come again season of whearing scarfs…. scarfs that make u warm not only look good. Last year I had only one :)) the biggest reason is probablly cuz I didn’t know how to wear it in more ways… for me it was only object which makes me warm and nothing else =p 

And then in this year I saw a video from some brasilian girl…she shows some ways of how u could wear scarfs…. I realize it’s not hard and from then on I like scarfs xD

Don’t worry if u don’t understand portugues, all u need to know u see 😉

I love this way of using scarf, apsolutelly like that idea…. I even try it and it looked cool on me =p

Last month I bought 2 new scarfs in C&A… unfortenatlly I don’t remember the price, thing each cost about 6€.


They remindes me on Mexico xD Thats one of the main reasons I bought them… I like Mexico!

And today I bought another scarf. I bought it in Tally Weijl  It cost me 6.95€

I like the hearts on it!! It looks like scarf with tiger print ( that I wanted to buy originally) but in fact have hearts… looks awsome!

I asume I’ll buy some more huahaauhauaha =p


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