H&M shopping 01

Heii!!! This will be my first post in october =) It’s 4.th october and RBD Day –> if u know this music group then u know what’s about…. any way I wish to all happy happy day, no matter if u do or not celebrate Dia Mundial RBD xDD

Sooo I went to look what they have new in H&M   http://www.hm.com/gb/#/start/

1. I bought 1 t-shirt with flower print on it, it’s really cute. It stay totally at the begining of the shop so I spot it in a second 🙂 Also tried matching skirt ( the color was really good to combine with this t-shirt) but I didn’t like it cut had to big pocets in front… so I need to find it in some other shop… and also black legins ( thats a must buy for me right now jajajajaja)

looks like this 😉 And cost me 7.95€

2. Next thing I bought was accesories

This flower u can put on u’re hair or u use it like brooch *-*  –> 4.95€


I’ll put this at the end of Fish braid ( yeeea I finally learned how to do it! And all that saw me with it ask me how did I done that… they love it! ) –>3.95€

This are hair-pins… the left ones ( u got 3 in one pocket) are not good to see on photo cuz they’re withe+light orange… but they look in the same way as black one. Bought cost 2.95€

It’s strange how I always find something to buy in H&M :)) cuz of that I put in title number 01…. I know that soon I’ll buy something new… it ‘ll be like new capture xD


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