Bought again some new nail polishes

I think I can’t stop it anymore :))) every week I buy at least 1 new nail polish. This time I get this:

1. Catrice 240 “Sold out for ever” –>2.49€

2. Catrice 280 “London’s weather forecast –>2.49€

3. Catrice 200 “From Dusk to Dawn” –>2.49€

I have a feeling that soon I’ll buy all of  Catrice nail polishes huahuahauhauh =p

4. Vollare cosmetics, Nail artistic… black and white —> one cost 1.85€


    This is how the brush looks like.

5. Manhattan; Pro mat top coat –> 4.75€


This top coat gives the mat effect….. I try it and actually works!! Now I don’t need to look for mat nail polish, just use this top coat and I have it. From one nail polish u make 2, one that shines and one that is mat 🙂 I think this is 1 of the best things I ever bought. It’s a must buy thing!!!!


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