Catrice nail polish

Today I’m not in the mood for shopping… it’s strange 🙂 But even though I went to Muller (shop with cosmetics,music…) just to see what they have new. And so, totally at the end, when I was walking out of the shop I saw Catrice nail polishes.  Days befour I saw them on internet & said to my self “I want one of this!”… it was cuz I liked the bottel of nail polish and the colors that they have. But the next thing I thought was “ahhhh we probablly don’t have them here… u can buy them only in USA or mybe in Germany 😦 ”  And now I find them!!! They still had summer collection ( I think is summer collection, not shure) but I don’t mine… for me they’re like new =)

I bought 2 and they are not expencive… only 2.49€. I thought they will cost much much more.

1. I scream peach! 170

2. I sea you! 250

I found this photo of bouth nail polishes together =))


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