My first experience with brand Balea was bad and I hate it for some time. I bought hand creme & totally disapoint me (don’t remeber the name of the creme… think they don’t made it anymore). But this year I changed my mind. 🙂 First I got vazelina/ labello just by Balea =) I liked it a lot & that encourage me to try some other things by Balea…. Now I can say that I like Balea!!

This are my things by Balea:

1. Spirit of Cape Town dusche

Bought it cuz Cape Town is in South Africa and there this year was Football World Cup, with Slovenia 🙂 so as a fan I bought this. Must say that I love the smell of it, remindes me on summer 😉

2. Jogurt duschpeeling, Maracuja


I needed peeling and bought this cuz I liked the smell in shop. I like it cuz peeling is not to harsh or rough.

3. Balea Savona, Milde seife, Flower

It’s really milde=tender,mild but the smell is unusuall and I needed some time to get used of it… now is ok. I wash my hands a lot of time and this “seife” don’t made them dry (y)

4. Fuß schimmercreme Glucksmomente

Bought this cuz I liked the photo on it 🙂 I saw it and saied this is mine! huahuahauha then I smell it and like it even more and then I read that have some glitters in it… then I fell in love =)) My legs also like it =p

5. Balea Young Fresh Lemon & Balea Young Cherry Dream


Love it, love it, love it!!! The red one was my b’day present =) Smell is fresh and nice, it applays really smooth and don’t make lips sticky.


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