Shopping for good start of the day ;)

I run over capucchino. Don’t know how =p usually I have a lot of it. Soo I went to shop. On my luck and for my purse bad luck next to shop where I buy food is DM (drogerie market) with make up and other cosmetics. I always go first to DM (even if I don’t wanna buy enything.) and then to shop. Was the same today xD

This is what I buy.

1. Essence nail art; Stampy set –>3.49€

It’s the same thing as I post in one of my last blog post… konad nail art. It contains: 1 image plate with 7 designs ( 1 butterfly and 6 flowers), 1 stamp and 1 scraper. I think is cheaper than konad nail art + probably we don’t have in Slovenia konad ( I need to buy it on internet & that cost a lot).

Will buy this for my sister for christmas gift xDD just hope she won’t see it here =p

2. Essence nail art; Stampy designs – 01 have fun! –> 1.89€

This are image plates for stampy set. I buy this one cuz I love love 9th flower on this plate and peace sign :))  They have a lot of diferent plates.

3. Fairwind nail stickers; n. 05 –> 1.49€

Not really good photo =)) 10 sticers of butterfly with blue pearl in the middle.

4. S-he nail polish; n.500 –> 1.95€


5. Ebelin nail polish remover; in green bottel…. with Biotin & Argan oil. –> 0.83€

It’s aceton free and have really good smell xD plus remove nail polish really fast.

I also have another polish remover from Ebelin and again have great smell and remove fast. I think they don’t sell it anymore cuz it was summer limited edicion, was in orange bottel with sunflower.


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