How to stop Dandruff ( 1. way)

I have a lot of Dandruff and greasy hair. Dandruff   changes with season, so in summer I have less of it and in winter more. When I was younger I washed my head only every sunday, now I do it twice… sunday and 3 or 4 days after that. I wash it more times cuz after 3 days my hair is greasy a lot. Every half a year I change brand of shampoo cuz my hair get used of it and shampoo have no effect. But this shampoos don’t stop dandruff for ever like they say in advertize. Cuz of that I decided I’ll also try other metodes to send him away =))

This girl shows how to wash u’re hair in the right way. I have to admit I always thought this will make even more dandruff :)) I thought I will hurt skin on my head if I’ll do like that.

Like I said I’m willing to try new things…. I’ll try it in sunday and then some more times. Hope will work cuz I really don’t like dandruff.


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