I bought 3 new nail polishes

Went to the shop (Nama in Ljubljana) and bought 3 nail polishes. 2 of them are in color that I usually don’t buy cuz I think they’ll look to dark on my nails… I try this ones at home and in fact they don’t look to dark =)) It was just in my head that they will.

I bouth:

1. Alessandro nail polish; Vamp collection n. 259 –> 3.95€


It’s dark violet with really small black glitter and lil bigger patches wich at diferent light shine in rose, brown or green color. It looks cute on nails. U need 2 coats to make it look good.

2.Bourjois nail polish; 1 second Nail Varnish n.2 Bois de Rose Nackre Pink –>6.27€

Have new fan effect brush. Cuz of that u need only 1 coat of nail polish and looks ok… it’s so light color that is ok 🙂

http://www.jolyndirect.co.uk/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3_106    Here are other colors from this collection and some other things by Bourjois.

Brush looks like that:

3. O.P.I nail polish; OPI Ink Suede –> 13.00€

In the bottle looks really intense and purple and like intense ink 🙂 But when u put it on polish loose intensity… cuz its suede and cuz of lil glitters. The color is cool and cute, don’t pops out so much like u would thought it. Its calm color in fact 🙂  But every time u put brush back in the can mix polish with brush. If u don’t do that u’ll have on u’re nails only bright ink color with lil bit of glitters…. I did that when I put it on for the first time & then I neede 2 coats. Soo u need to mix ink color with glitters. U need only 1 coat.

With OPI suede nail polish u also get lil note wich says:  Suede by OPI does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Lacquer. Do not use top coat, drying products or hand lotion when wearing Suede ( don’t know why… will put lotion on my hand and I’ll see what happens). Do an all Suede nail, or do a Suede nail with a matching Gloss tip ( which I don’t know what it is xDD )


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