My new Graceland shoes by Deichmann

They are brown cuz latelly I’m crazy on brown 🙂 I have brown bag, brown belt, brown earings, brown watch, brown ring and brown nail polish….. yeeea I’m crazy on brown! Mybe cuz remindes me on autumn/fall which soon will be here ( at 21. of september).

They have some kined of a belt on it. I have tiny foot and if I don’t have this on my shoes they fall down from my leg 🙂 I also feel un-comfortable with no belt and I walk strange.

They are simple model cuz I really really needed one. Normally I walk around the world in Adidas snickers. For a lot of time I thought is cool to combine them with anything… jeans, skirts, shorts, dress… But here comes the time when I decide is time to buy some shoes with heel.

They have full heel cuz I’m crazy about them like I’m crazy about brown color.  Every time I want to buy shoes with high heel I end up with full heel xDD I like high heel but when I need to decide betwen high heel and full heel I buy full heel…. I buy full high heel! =)) But this one are exchange for snickers so they don’t have really high heel… they need to be good for walking on long distance, up and down the stairs, going on bus… I need to have balance in them. This one are totally perfect for me, to wear them every day to university. They mach with my beg and they look good on my jeans.   –> here u can find other shoes by Deichmann or Graceland.


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