Flower Headband

I like the way she did that flower for her headband. And u know why…. cuz when I was a kid I used to do with paper first think that she do. Don’t know what name does this have =)) I did the think that she do from 1:03 to 2:03 on video. If I would do that with peace of cloth  stuff I would probablly figure out how to do this flower xDDD u know kids love to try new things =p

I would just like to add that, on this flower that she did I would spray color on it… some red or light pink or black spots on… just that is not so pale and that pops out that u have flower on u’re head 🙂  Or if u add some glitters or fake diamonts. Would also try to do a lil bigger flower. U do a bigger one and u sew it on clip for brooch. Or u do the same that she and u put in your hand….& u have a bracelet.


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