Alverde vs. Terra Naturi handcreme

Bouth are made from natural ingredians, bouth have “Vegan” sign. Alverde is brand for DM (drogerie market) and Terra Naturi is brand for Muller.

I tried bouth and from my experience I say Alverde is better!! \o/

1. Terra Naturi handcreme; Avocado-Sanddorn

  On photo is bodylotion, but handcreme looks totally the same… just that instead of bodylotion there is written handcreme.

In these creme I like the smell/perfume and the picture on it. Basically that were 2 reasons why I bought these creme and also cuz I needed one 🙂 Lot of times I buy something depending on smell and look xD  Creme is white and have medium thicknes. It grease easy and don’t have shinny effect. In my opinion these creme is more to take care not dry skin, if u have ok skin but u want to have more silky. Cuz when I put it on dry skin I had even more dry and also red on some parts. It’s more to prevent dry skin, not to remove dry skin.

2. Alverde handcreme; Cranberry

These one I like most 🙂 Also bought cuz I liked the smell. It’s white but have more liquid thicknes. Cuz of that u need more time to rub in u’re skin ( 20 seconds) but while u do that u feel the freshness and u have feeling like u’re skin is drinking the creme xD Is not shinny and sticky. When I have dry skin I use it 2 or 3 time in a day and the next day dry skin is gone \o/ I also put it on after I wash dishes even thou I don’t have dry skin in time I wash. I put it on my nails after I remove nail polish.


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