Shopping in the rain

I hate shopping in the rain!!!! U need umbrella and with all bags that u got in shop is horrible to walk on streets. But despite the rain I went today to do lil shopping.  And I didn’t bought biger umbrella which I desperatlly need!!

This is what I buy today:

-Max Factor Dip-in eye effect; vibrant turquise 07 –> the one I wrote about in one of my past posts. –> Cost 5.54€

-Max Factor mini nail polish; elegant mauve 04 –> 2.99€

 -Mavala nail polish; Glasgow 29 –> 5.35€  

-Manhattan Base line; Eyeshadow base 01 –>5.89€  

-Essence Denim wanted; I love my jeans 03

-Essence nail art stylist; stick for application of rhinestones,nail art decoration and french manicure lines –>2.49€

-Essence rosewood sticks –>1.99€

-7 brushes by Alicia da Silva –> each cost 2.29€. The one for lips cost 3.99€  

All I buy in Muller.


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