O.P.I Shrek collection



Saw this collection on their page and I think is coooool!!! Need to find that in our shops \o/ especially that yellow one and pale violet and…. all!!!  With this nail polishes bothers me only that they cost 12€ ….. buying mainly s-he ( 3€) I think 12€ is a lot. But now that I saw all the colors they have and every day this brand is more popular here, I decided that I’ll buy one of this to xD

This are the names of this 6 nail polishes….. yeaaa all O.P.I have names chidos!!! I’ll start from the left with violet.

1. Rumble’s Wiggin’

2.What’s with the Cattitude

3.Fiercely Fiona

4.Funkey Dunkey

5.Ogre-the-top Blue

6.Who the Shrek are you 

After watching this video I think I prefer the pale ones, light ones…. def. need to buy one of this!


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