Nivea Manicure naturals Base & Top shine

I bought this Base&Top shine ust lately and is amazing!!! It shines a lot =) I also wear it like a normal nail polish and I think that nails look more healty when they shine…. more healty and cute. So from now on I’ll use it a lot 😉  Would like to say that stays for a long time on nails, but I don’t know =p and is like that cuz I change color of my nails a lot… longest time I have one color is 4 days, and it did stay there for 4 days. It definetlly stays longer on than S-he nail polishes. But if u put this top shine on top 🙂 it stays longer.

It also have cute “box”, it’s not to small or to big…. just the right one so u don’t need to care that the polish will dry befoure u’ll use all. Also have really interesting brush. It’s diveided in 2 parts and that makes it bigger. So now u can put on u’re nail polish with only 2 moves 🙂 I love that! First I thought it will be strange to use it but now I love it.

This base and top is from manicure collection by Nivea. I have only this but in collection u can find some other products usefull for french manicure.


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