Olz; Die Meisterbacker

Olz is brand who make bread and cookies and other things like that. They are from Austria. First time that I bought something from them was last year and I totally fell in love :))) This is also the only brand of bread that I know when I go to Austria or Germany xDDD I don’t understand so much german when it comes to shooping so in shop there I buy only things that I know from Slovenia. And this is one of this things huahuaau.

http://www.oelz.com/en/products/breakfast-products/oelz-mini-butter-croissants/   –> this is first thing that I try from them and is delicious!!!

http://www.oelz.com/en/products/breakfast-products/oelz-milch-broetle/  –> this one I bought today and is soooo goood that made me write blog about it huahuahuahauh


Hope u can find some of this produkts in u’re store cuz they are really goood!!!


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