Color Fuchsia

They say that this color is or will be very popular. Fuchsia is a vivid reddish or pinkish purple color named after the flower of the fuchsia plant, which has been frequently used in the fashion world for clothing, shoes and other accessories. Especially in the coming fall and winter seasons, the fuchsia is going to dominate the fashion trend, for a great many fashion pieces released by top fashion houses have already fully proven it.

U can use it with most of the colors. If u don’t like attention put black dress and Fuchsia nail polish ( I have it now on my nails and is really great, cute *-*) or fuchsia shoes

If u like colores and u’re not affraid to wear it u can buy dress in fuchsia color.    

Just pick some simple model cuz if it would have a lot of decoracion u’ll look like u’re going on prom or u’ll have quincianera–mexican party for 15th b’day xD U can have it only if u wanna look like a princess from a tail, put it only on theme party 😉

  My nail polish S-he stylezone num. 465. U can buy it in DM==Drogerie market

I think the hottest combination is black and fuchsia… is the most elegant version and sexy. Others are also ok if u know how to put it together but this one will def. work 🙂


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