my mixed skin

A lot of people have problems with mixed skin. Me too 😦 cheeks are dry,mostly and all other is greasy,forehead the most. Plus I also have little pimples/pustules or how do u say hauhuahau acne mybe. U can’t see them on foto but I notice them 🙂 I tried a lot of things to not have soooo shiny forehead ( that boders me the most), a lot of them didn’t work like I wanted. Latelly I manage to calm down my skin problems and here is how I do it xD

Every morning I wash my face and then just clean it with facial wipes from Nivea –>  If  I stay at home I don’t care a lot if my skin shines but if I go out I clean again my skin with this wipes…. so depending on the day i use 1 or more of this wipes. They are fresh and have cream on them, so at the same time I clean my face and put cream on.

Befoure I go to sleep I clean my skin with  Clean&Clear tonic –>       (don’t understand what they say on page, is just that u see the foto =p)

Then I sometimes put this cream from Garnier (if it happens that I have dry skin)    

And once per week, usually at sunday I use peeling from Neutrogena –> 

And that’s it! xD

This work for now, but I know that after some time u’re face get used of it soo I’ll need to change some creams. Like in past I used Nivea collection for young and also some thinks from Garnier ( for young again).

From Garnier I used this –>    and it was tooo intensive for my skin, I had extra dry skin. So if I wanted to use this I needed to by cream for dry skin. Soo I gave up on this one 🙂 also didn’t like the small of  it.


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