ayyy brasil <3

–> Garota de Ipanema (L)

–> Chorinho Pais Tropical    “Chorinho” is style of music from Brasil.

–>Victor & Leo — Tem que ser você   This is “Sertanejo universitário”  very popular style of music from Brasil.

–>Victor & Leo — Borboletas

–> Jorge e Mateus – ‘Voa beija-flor’          Sertanejo universitario in fast version =) For dance wiiiii! 

–> Joao Bosco & Vinicius — Chora ,Me Liga                  One of the most popular songs in sertanejo universitario. U can hear it in milion versions xD Is also first song in this style of music that I heard =p

–> Maria Cecilia e Rodolfo – Você de Volta    I  love this song!!! 

–>Ivete Sangalo e Buchecha en Maracanã    This is axe with baile funk! (y)

–> Mc Marcinho – Glamurosa              Baile funk!!! Brazilian style of music from favelas in Rio. Good to dance but don’t translate the text 🙂 not really respectfull for girls… 

–> Calcinha Preta – Você não vale nada           Group Calcinha Preta. In Brasil they love them or hate them, middle choice don’t exist xDD This is forro eletronico (acording to wikipedia huahuahu)

–> Calcinha Preta– Paparazzi                                           Cover by Lady Gaga. The funniest song that i heard, text is not totally translation, have some really funny things in it xDD  

–> Dancing Forro (y)

–> AVIÕES DO FORRÓ – CHUPA QUE É DE UVA                  Because of this song it become popular to say “Chupa que e de uva!”. Don’t know what it means and aparently don’t have any meaning xDD

–> Funk da Vuvuzela                 huhauhauhauhuhauhuhauha funny!!! Baile funk+Vuvuzela

–> CHEIRO DE AMOR — Pensa em Mim        One of my favourite songs!!! 

U see I love Brasil!!! xD  Next time I’ll post some more videos. This are the ones that I like and have in youtube. I always look for new songs soo def. will have some new to post.  It look’s like I’m from Brasil =) but I’m not on my bad.



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