U probablly don’t know what is this 🙂 It’s suite resort in Tahiti, it’s indian autor of geometric text ( google help hauhauhuahau ) and is liquid soap that i use =p well in fact is a brand which have liquid soap, shower gel and other things. I bought it in shop L’eclerc. It’s french shop which we also have in Slovenia ( in Ljubljana and Maribor). First I bought it just to try it, for fun huahuahua but I like it a lot.

This is liquid soap that i use :     Have unusual smell xD  but I like it. At the begining I didn’ like it but sudenlly i couldn’t live withouth it huahuahuhauu It smell like lotus xD And everytime i wash my hands with it i have smooth hands *-*

Shower gel that I used once :     Smells like candy!! ❤  I love it. But bad thing is that after taking shower with this one I had really dry skin. I don’t use it anymore but I really loved the candy smell 🙂 Try it, mybe u won’t have dry skin.

Pealling + shower gel:     Smells like mango and I like it a lot! Still use it, no dry skin jajajajajjhuahu    Here are all others products from Manava. If u have a chance try it =p


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