Espadrilles are casual flat or high-heel fashion sandals. 

Sandals from Spain that were modern years ago and are back for this summer. Usually I don’t buy what is hip and modern in moment but this sandals were one of the things I must have. I got one in some random shop in Slovenia for really low price but are really cute, like them a lot. Remindes me of summer, sea and my trip to Spain 😉 


This are mine xD Not profesional fotos hauhuahuahau but ok to see how they look.

Found also page where they sell espadrille in milion forms….. love all =)

Prices are normal,like in shop but u need to add price for posting them  to u. As i saw u need to add 12€ more.

They also have bags 

Shoes for men  interesting huhauhauhauah  How cute for lil kids! *-*

At this page also have some really cute ones –>  save trees with shoes 😉 be eco (y)

This one are also coool : 

wiiii look this espadrille, funny  like like like!!


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