Max Effect Dip In Eye Shadows

I love new summer collection by Max Factor!!! Why? Cuz is colorfull xD love love love =p 

Still didn’t buy nothing from this collection but planing to buy Max Effect Dip In Eye Shadow, the mint one 🙂 This eye shadows are really cool, if don’t cost a lot i’ll mybe buy more 😉

And cuz i love this collection I went on youtube to find some make up tutorial. I found one really great I even try it with other make up that I have ( the same colors other products). I like it cuz girl use mint and chocolate colors. I NEVER know how to use BROWN eyeshadow, caray! huahuahuuahuaha Really. I can do enythink but brown always looks on me like my skin, so its like I didn’t do nothing….. 😦 But with this colors it looks really great.

Sooo if someone know how to use brown make up let me know…. to use lake that, that u see make up on me 🙂

Here’s the video. It’s in Polish (she’s from Poland) xD Don’t understand a thing, ok mybe some words. But most of the video is how she do it, not a lot of language, so u just watch and u know what to do.

Hope u’ll like it 🙂


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